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Sujaya Foundation, established in 2002, is registered under the Mumbai Public Trust Act, 1950. The aim of the Foundation is to provide education to the under-privileged by incorporating the best pedagogical practices at an Elementary as well as an Advanced Level. The Foundation attempts to bridge the gap for its students between education and employment.

In India, English is the language of jobs and a secure future.  However millions of young people are deprived of this due to lack of access to quality language skills in English. This automatically limits their opportunities in the labour market besides rendering them socially diffident and excluded.

One of the objectives of Sujaya is to actively intervene through formal and non-formal educational activities to not only significantly improve the linguistic competence of bright, hardworking students, but also open up their future. Otherwise they are trapped in an education system which does not teach English with a view to develop oral skills.

The foundation is also committed to try to helping them secure a job.

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